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Amir Khan open to Vijender Singh fight

May 10, 2017
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Mumbai: British professional boxer Amir Khan is open to a fight with Vijender Singh to promote Super Boxing League (SBL) in India. Despite having bouts with the top boxers across the globe, the youngest Olympic silver medallist from his country is not averse to a bout with Vijender, who is new to professional boxing circuit, as he believes that it will be a big boost for the sport’s popularity in India.

“I dont mind if Vijender wants it, we want to promote SBL. This league we are bringing to India and this is my league basically, lets us do it,” he said.
Khan also is not one to take any fight lightly.

“Every fight is serious for me, whenever you step in the boxing ring, it is war. There is no exhibition fight ever in boxing,” he remarked.

“I have won three world titles in my career, an Olympic medal and I have won 37 fights. Vijender has good amateur background and is experienced. He has rose in professional ranking quite quickly and is undergoing good quality training in England.

“Every fight is hard, it won’t be easy. This is boxing, one punch can change things. It will be a big fight. I believe I am better fighter. But you never know anything can happen. You can’t put your money on one person,” he added.
He however indicated it is not the fight he is looking for as his return. “My management team in US is trying to make right moves. I will take time off in Ramadan. I am in top three in the world anyway, I want to fight boxers in top 10. Vijender is learning, my fight may be in November-December so there is still lot of time around, I am 30, at the peak of my career, I have to make right moves, do everything perfect. I have right people around that will make all happen.” he added

Khan has also not given up hopes of facing his one-time training partner Manny Pacquiao which was pencilled in but has failed to materialise so far.

“Pacquiao fight could still happen. It wasn’t me who pulled out, he pulled out and fought easy fight in Australia, probably for less money where as the money on the table against me was a lot more. We are friends but if that happens, we have to put friendship aside,” he opined.

Khan is the co-owner of the company that has launched Super Fight league and now Super Boxing League, set to be held from July 7 to August 12, in India but is undeterred by the lack of support from the federations.

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