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Cheers Facebook Users! Mark Zuckerberg & Team Is Here With The Feature That You Were Waiting For

Jul 04, 2017
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Facebook is the most popular social media platform worldwide having billions of active users. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is the constant work they do towards making the community better and more useful for its users. If you access the social networking website through its app, you must be knowing that how frequent they are with the updates

The latest update that’s been introduced by Facebook is just wonderful and is going to prove very useful for the users. FB in its latest update has finally launched the “Find Wifi” feature for worldwide users of all operating systems.

With the help of “Find Wifi” feature, the users can search for all the publicly available wifi spots around them. This feature is apt for the travellers who suffer from network issues and also for those who live in the areas where cellular data is scarce.

Alex Himel, Engineering Director at Facebook, wrote in a blog post late Friday.

“Today we’re beginning to roll out Find Wi-Fi everywhere in the world on iPhone and Android. We launched Find Wi-Fi in a handful of countries last year and found it’s not only helpful for people who are travelling or on-the-go, but especially useful in areas where cellular data is scarce.”

The social networking giant had begun testing a Find Wi-Fi option last year only but it was available for only iOS users in select countries.

To find Wi-Fi hotspots, open your Facebook app, click on the More tab and then Find Wi-Fi. Once in the Find Wi-Fi tab, you may need to turn Wi-Fi on, if it isn’t on already. Users can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them.

Businesses need to ‘claim’ their Wi-Fi network and associate it with their Facebook page for the Wi-Fi network to become available to users via the Find Wi-Fi feature.

Now, isn’t that a really cool feature? While parents are finding ways to control the Facebook addiction of their children, this is how Zuckerberg and team are managing to make the users stick. LOL. Good going, Mark!

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